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f you are in fear of losing your home to foreclosure in Dutchess County, New York we can help.  Give our debt relief lawyers a call at 800-893-9645.  Our lawyers have over 30 years of combined legal experience and have been recognized as some of the best lawyers in New York State.  We are experienced litigators and trial attorneys.  Our law firm is lead by a former prosecutor.


Recently, a leading real estate website reported that 1 in every in every 13,285 housing units received a foreclosure filing in February 2012. A sample of their data revealed Red Hook had an average of 1 in every 2,274 homes filing for foreclosure, similarly Millerton reported 1 in every 1,642, and Hopewell Junction reported 1 in every 9,222.


Did you know that you could be entitled to receive attorneys fees if your attorney successfully defends your foreclosure action?  In 2010, Governor Patterson signed the Access to Justice in Lending Act" which  gives a homeowner the right to collect attorneys fees from banks for a successfully defending a foreclosure action.  This right is codified in Real Property Law §282.


Here is glimpse into some of the things we can do:


1. We can file an Answer and prevent a default against you in your foreclosure action. There are many available defenses and we will work to find the best defense for you. The filing of an Answer will engage the litigation process and slow down the foreclosure process.  In so doing, we can save you valuable time to work through your mortgage problems.


2. We can represent you at the New York State Mandatory Settlement Conference.  Under New York CPLR 3408, every homeowner in foreclosure is entitled to a “settlement conference” in the Supreme Court.  At the conference, this office can meet with the mortgage lender and work toward an amicable resolution without further litigation.  Our partners have worked for some our nations largest Fortune 500 Companies and are in a strategic position to negotiate with the banks or mortgage companies.


3. We can file Bankruptcy under Chapter 13 to help alleviate the mortgage burdenIf you are unable to get a loan modification, you may be able to file for Bankruptcy under Chapter 13. In brief, Chapter 13, may get up to five years to catch up on your mortgage. It will also help you get eliminate or consolidate most of your other debt.


Our lawyers can be frequently found fighting in the courts of Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess Counties.  Give us a call at 800-893-9645.


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