Foreclosure Defense Glossary

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Foreclosure Glossary
here are some keywords you should know when facing a mortgage foreclosure proceeding.

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Summons and Complaint: a Summons a legal instrument summoning a defendant to answer a Complaint.  A Complaint is states allegations for which a legal remedy is sought. 

Service of Process: is the delivery of legal documents upon a litigant.

90-Day Notice:  RPAPL was amended in 2008 to require lenders to provide a 90-day notice prior to commencing a foreclosure lawsuit.

RPAPL: real property actions procedure law.

CPLR 3408: the law that established mandatory foreclosure settlement conferences.

RJI: request for judicial intervention.

Notice of Settlement Conference: the document that informs the parties of the settlement conference and advises the parties which documents to bring.

Adjournment: postponement of legal proceeding.

Court referee:  attorney for the court who can stands in place of a judge.

Deed:  legal document that transfers ownership of property from one owner to another.

Default: a mortgage is in default when the borrow has failed to make payment in accordance to the note's obligation.

Foreclosure: the forced sale of property.

Lender: an entity such as a bank or mortgage company that who lends money for the purpose of being paid back.

Title: Title usually refers to a deed. It is a legal instrument that show ownership of property.

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