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Help is here.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators with years of trial experience.  If you are facing foreclosure, our foreclosure defense lawyers have given hope to many New Yorkers in their darkest of times.  Give us a call at 800-893-9645 and ask for your confidential consultation.

My home is in Orange County. Is this too far upstate for your firm?

Our attorneys are strategically located to represent homeowners throughout most of New York State.  The worst thing you could do is ignore the proceedings and not call our firm.


What is a foreclosure?


A foreclosure is the legal action brought by a lender to take back a home from the homeowner for non-payment on a mortgage.  A foreclosure usually begins about three months after the homeowner has failed to make payment on their mortgage.


Do I need to respond to a foreclosure summons and complaint?


If you are failing to make your monthly mortgage payment, the worst thing you can do is ignore the proceedings.  If you are served a foreclosure notice or summons, you should call our office immediately and set up your confidential consultation at 800-893-9645.  You have a limited amount of days Answer a foreclosure summons and complaint.  An Answer is a legal document alleging, among other things, certain defenses.  You should only trust an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer to protect your rights and help you fight for your home.


How can I avoid foreclosure?


Our firm can assist you in taking steps to fight your foreclosure proceeding.  We are experienced litigators and are experienced in loan modifications and bankruptcy.


I’m not ready to say good-bye to my home.  How can I delay the process so I can figure things out?


While not every foreclosure defense case can stop foreclosure, a proper defense can usually delay a foreclosure auction for several months.  This may afford you the opportunity to raise capital or find other financial alternatives.  Our lawyers have taken on some of the nations largest corporations and can assist you in your fight.


If the bank wins the foreclosure lawsuit, who gets my home?


If the bank is successful in prosecuting the foreclosure proceeding, the bank or mortgage lender will regain possession of the home and your home will probably be auctioned.  If you home is auctioned and purchased by a new homeowner, it is possible for you to enter into a landlord tenant relationship with the new owner.


Can I speak to your law firm to discuss my legal options?


Yes.  Our foreclosure defense lawyers have given hope to many distressed homeowners.  We have litigated cases throughout New York State including Long Island, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens.   We are available on nights and weekends.   Call us now at 800-893-9645.

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