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Lawyer’s Traffic Ticket Guide for Colton Town Court

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The town of Colton has within its boundaries the villages of Colton and South Colton, and covers just less than 255 square miles in southeastern St. Lawrence County. Colton, the town, has a population of 1,451 (2010 US Census), and is served by New York State Routes 3, 56 and 68. These highways often have changing topographies and speed limits, which makes it quite easy for drivers to get slapped with a costly speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets are no laughing matter; not only are they overwhelming, they can be very costly. Did you know a conviction to a speeding ticket at 86/55 mph zone could cost you almost $700.00 in fines payable to the court, $450.00 in penalty fees payable to DMV, as well as hundreds more in insurance increases!

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Answering Your Ticket

Once you receive your ticket, the first thing you should do is enter your plea of guilty or not guilty. Please do so by the date on your ticket.

Entering a Not Guilty Plea: If you wish to plead not guilty to your traffic violation, please follow the directions on your ticket. Once the court receives your plea, you will be sent a court notice. This court notice will tell you when your court appearance is.

Entering a Guilty Plea: If you wish to enter a guilty plea, please follow the instructions on your ticket. Once the court receives your plea, you will be sent a fine notice. Your fine notice must be paid by the date given.

It is important to note that pleading guilty can have many long-term financial consequences. This can include hundreds of dollars in fines, penalties, and insurance increases.

Court Facts and Tidbits

Court is held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month at 7:00 p.m. The Town Clerk’s office is open every Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., except for Thursday, when the offices are open until 6:00 p.m. Contact the Justice Office for information about court appearance location and fine payment options.

Security: Upon entering the court you will be asked to walk through a magnetometer for security purposes. It is advised that all electronic devices be turned off and all food and beverages disposed of.

Things to Bring: You should bring your court notice and your driving record. Your court notice will help court personnel direct you if you are displaced and your driving record can be persuasive if it is clean.

Tip: It is a good idea to bring enough money to pay court fines and fees if your case is settled at the first court appearance.

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