What to Expect in Traffic Court

Call Now 800-893-9645 Defending yourself against a speeding ticket and going to court can be a stressful situation.  Our experienced traffic lawyers have been going to court for years.  Let our attorneys fight for you and save your time, money, and points on your license. 

About Our Firm:  Our attorneys excel at getting tickets either dismissed or reduced.  We have more than 20 years of legal experience and have gained a reputation among our peers as being superb lawyers.  Our team of traffic ticket defense lawyers is lead by Joseph P. Villanueva.  He is a former prosecutor.  Having a former prosecutor on your side can help in analyzing critical issues in your case.  Call us now at 914-723-7900.

What to expect in traffic court:
There are many different scenarios that can take place in traffic court. Depending on whether or not you have been issued a ticket in a TVB system or a local court system, your experience will vary tremendously.  If you are curious about what would take place in traffic court, if you retain our firm, give us a call at 800-893-9645.  Below you will see some links to our experiences in some courts around New York State.

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