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Lawyer’s Traffic Ticket Guide for De Kalb Town Court

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The town of De Kalb covers more than 83 square miles in St. Lawrence County, in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountain Range. The town, with a population of 2,434 (2010 U.S. Census), surrounds a village and a hamlet, both named De Kalb, and the hamlet of De Kalb Junction. The area is served by U.S. Route 11 and New York State Route 812, which intersect south of the village.

Highways such as these have many open stretches of road that make it easy for motorists to lose sight of the speed limit due to the rolling topography. It is usually in these situations where you can find yourself facing a speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets can be very overwhelming and confusing; that’s why our attorneys have created this guide to help you find some ease of mind with your legal matter.

If you would like our attorneys to represent you, give us a call today at 800-893-9645.

Court Facts and Tidbits

Court Address:

De Kalb Town Court
PO Box 133
2907 County Route 17
De Kalb Junction, NY 13630

Justice Court is in session every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Contact the Court Clerk for information about fine payment options and court appearances.

Tip: It is very important to answer your ticket summons. Failure to do so can result in your driver’s license getting suspended. Instructions on how to enter your plea are provided on your ticket.

Security: Immediately prior to entering the court, you will be asked to walk through a magnetometer and asked to turn off all electronic devices. The court is secured by special court attendants. These officers help facilitate the court process and one of their key function is to note attendees who arrive to court. Your failure to check in with one of the officers may result in your case not being called.

Burden of Proof: Unlike traffic matters heard in the Traffic Violations Bureau of NYC and other parts of the State, tickets in Town and Village Courts must meet the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Tickets: For the most part, tickets are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office. This is the same office which prosecuted criminal cases such as misdemeanor drug possession and felony assault.

Why Hire Our Law Firm

Our lawyers excel at getting New York traffic tickets reduced. We have over 30 years of legal experience and have gained a reputation as being superb lawyers. Our team of traffic lawyers is lead by Joseph P. Villanueva. He is a former prosecutor. Having a former prosecutor on your side can help in analyzing critical issues in your case. This can make the difference in you keep your license or having your license suspended or revoked. Call us now 800-893-9645 .


Do local courts take credit card payments?

Some town courts accept payment by online services and other take credit card payments through a credit card form. Most village courts do not accept credit card payment.

How many points are allowed until a license is suspended?

There are many reasons why a driver may have their privilege to drive suspended. With respect to points, a driver will suspended upon receiving 11 or more points within an 18 month period.

Can’t every speeding ticket be dismissed or resolved with zero points?

Every case is unique. Every court is unique. It is difficult to make a blanket statement with regard the ultimate resolution of a legal matter. However our attorneys fight for you, to get you an amicable resolution. Call us today for your consultation at 800-893-9645.

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“Best attorney I’ve worked with. Stayed in contact throughout the whole process. Gave me frequent updates and always replied back to me within an hour. Definitely recommend.” Nikki C.