Lawyer’s Traffic Ticket Guide for Ellington Town Court

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The Town of Ellington has a population of 1,814 (2010 U.S. Census), and covers almost 37 square miles. The area is served by the confluence of Interstate-86/New York State Route 17. The court processes more of its traffic violations from U.S. Route 62, which also serves the area of town.

If you have received a speeding ticket that is returnable to Ellington Town Court, call our Chautauqua County Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers at 800-893-9645. We provide our clients with the highest quality legal representation and have helped thousands save money, points, and insurance increases.

Steps on Fighting Your Speeding Ticket

Step One: If you wish to fight your speeding ticket, you must enter a not guilty plea. If you enter a guilty plea, it is the equivalent of being convicted after a trial. Instruction on how to enter your plea are provided on your ticket.

Step Two: Your second step would be to go to your court appearance. Once the court receives your not guilty plea, they will send you a court notice. This court notice will advise you when to come to court. At this court appearance you will have the opportunity to present your case’s strengths. Please remember to bring in your court notice and driving record. If your driving record is clean, it can help your situation.

Step Three: If your case is settled at this court appearance, you should go to the court clerk’s office and pay the appropriate court fees and fines. If it is not, the court will advise you upon your next step.

How Many Points Will I Face?

In New York State, there is no such thing as a 1-point violation. Thus, the minimum points you can receive is either 0 or 2. With respect to speeding tickets, they range from 3-11 points. For further information please take a look at the following chart:



01 to 10 mph over the limit


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 40


More than 40


Please note if you accumulate 11 or more points, your license will get suspended.

Getting the Legal Advantage

Our firm provides you with a unique legal advantage. Our highly skilled team of lawyers is led by former New York City prosecutor, Mr. Joseph Villanueva. The expertise of the former prosecutor can help you analyze your case from the perspective of a defense attorney as well as the prosecutor. Call us now at 800-893-9645 to see how we can help you.


How will a speeding conviction affect my insurance?

There are many different things insurance companies take into consideration when they determine a driver’s insurance rate. For the most part, the algorithm used is proprietary in nature and the average driver will not be privy to this information.

Some things considered in an insurance policy can include but is not limited to a driver’s age, their accident history, the type of car driven, and any convictions to moving violations.

Why did they court not accept my plea of guilty by mail?

It is the court’s right to require a driver to appear in court. Some circumstance for which they may require a driver to appear can include an unusually high speed or criminal charges being levied against a defendant.

Aren’t speeding tickets a pure money grab for small municipalities?

Many public officials around the United States have denounced the belief that speeding tickets are issued to raise revenue. Public officials have consistently stated that tickets are a way to hold public safety their highest priority.

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