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Lawyer’s Traffic Ticket Guide for Morristown Town Court

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The Town of Morristown contains a village by the same name, and covers 59.4 square miles in northwestern St. Lawrence County, near the Jacques Cartier State Park. Morristown has a population of 1,974 (2010 U.S. Census). The area is served by NY State Routes 12, 37 and 58, which have many stretches of open road on which many drivers lose sight of their speedometer.

If you have received a speeding ticket that is returnable to Morristown Town Court and are having difficulty making heads or tails of your situation, then this guide was created for you by our attorneys.

Court Information

Mailing Address

Morristown Town Court
PO Box 240
604 Main Street
Morristown, NY 13664

Court is held every Thursday of each month at 4:00 p.m. with alternating justices. The Court Clerk’s office is open every Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except holidays.

Plea: The majority of cases are resolved via plea bargaining. In lieu of having a trial, it may be possible to resolve a traffic matter with a lesser included charge. Most resolution will involve a fine and a surcharge. The surcharge is additional monies payable at the end of case that are paid to New York State.

Pleading Guilty: A plea of guilty to the charge is equivalent to a conviction after trial. A conviction will not only subject the driver to a penalty but in addition the driver’s license to drive can be subject to suspension and revocation as prescribed by law.

If Found Guilty: If you are found guilty of speeding, there are many different ways in which it may affect you. This can include but is not limited to fines payable to the court, penalties payable to the Department of Motor Vehicles, insurance increases, and incarceration.

Judge: While a plea bargain can be struck between the prosecutor and a defendant, the judge has the ultimate power to accept or reject the proposed disposition. If the court accepts the resolution, a fine will be assessed.

Fines and Points

A conviction to an 86/65 mph zone can result in a fine of almost $400.00, an additional $300.00 fine payable to the department of motor vehicles, 6 points on a driving record, and significant insurance increase.

Speeding tickets can range from 3-11 points, depending on your speed. The following chart will give you a break down of this range.



01 to 10 mph over the limit


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 40


More than 40


Suspension: There are several reasons why your driver’s license can be suspended. One of the many is accumulating 11 points. Often times motorists forget the amount of points they have accumulated and can find out that their license has been suspended. Please keep in mind, driving with a suspended license is a crime. If you are pulled over, the officer can arrest you and impound your car.

Insurance Increases: When speeding tickets are involved there usually is a insurance increase. The algorithm that most insurance companies use to assess an insurance increase is proprietary in nature and not widely shared the public. There are many factors that can be taken into consideration including but not limited the driver’s age, type of vehicle driving, and accident history.

About Our Firm

Our team of lawyers are lead by a former NYC prosecutor who has the unique experience of seeing cases as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. This experience may make the difference in the successful resolution of your case. Let us help you save time, money, points and insurance increase. Call us now at 800-893-9645.

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