Lawyer’s Traffic Ticket Guide for Sheridan Town Court

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The town of Sheridan covers US Route 20, on which many drivers often are caught with a speeding ticket. With open stretches of road, drivers can easily lose sight of their speedometer and find themselves facing a costly speeding ticket.

If you have received a speeding ticket in the town of Sheridan, give our Chautauqua County Traffic Ticket Defense attorneys a call today. Our attorneys can be reached at 800-893-9645.

Knowledge is Power

It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with information that can affect you. This guide is here to help you find some ease of mind regarding your legal matter.

First Step: One of the most important things you must do upon receiving a ticket is answering it. Your failure to answer your ticket can result in your license getting suspended.

Drivers have the option to either plead guilty or plead not guilty to their violation. If you plead not guilty, the court will send you notice with your court date. If you chose to plead guilty, please keep in mind that this is the equivalent to being convicted after trial. Therefore you will be sent a fine notice, which must be paid by the date provided.

Court Information

Things to Bring: We recommend litigants bring their court notice and driving record with them to court. Your court notice will help direct you to where you need to go. Your driving record, if it is clean, can help mitigate your case.

Arrive on Time: It is very important that you are not late for your court appearance. It is always good policy to arrive early; if you are late there is a chance you may have missed when your case was called.

Dress Appropriately: Even though there is no official dress code, it is very important that you present yourself in a respectful manner. Many judges frown upon individuals who come to court wearing shorts, open-toed sandals, or other similar items.

Security: Since the court is a secure place, you will be asked to walk through a magnetometer upon your arrival. In addition, please turn off all electronic devices, and dispose of any food and drinks.

Tip: Bring enough money to pay court fines if your case is settled at your court appearance.

Suspension Information

There are many reasons as to why a driver may lose his driving privileges. New York State wants to keep the roads safe, as such they take caution and provide guidelines for our motorists.

Work Zone: If you have received two (2) work zone violation tickets, your license can be suspended.

Note: It is a crime to driver with a suspended license. If you are pulled over, the officer can arrest you and impound your car.

Points: Drivers should always know how many points are on their license. If a driver reaches 11 points, their license will be suspended.

Speeding tickets range from 3-11 points, and if you already have points on your license it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer to help you reduce the amount of points you will be charged with. Our attorneys have excelled over the years in getting speeding tickets dismissed or reduced. Call us now at 800-893-9645.

Hiring a Lawyer

There are many benefits in hiring our speeding ticket lawyers to fight your case. One of the most popular reasons is that we have consistently saved our clients time, money and points on their license. While every case is different, we fight for every client just the same. As such, we have been recognized as some of the finest lawyers in New York State.

Call us now at 800-893-9645. We can help you save money, time, points, and insurance increases.

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