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A Reader's Guide to Kent Traffic Court

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Kent Town Court maintains a busy traffic court session. A significant contributing factor to its large calendar is its jurisdictional proximity to Interstate 84. I-84 is a major thoroughfare that travels in an east and westbound direction along Putnam County. The full length of the highway connects Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. This highway provides a convenient route of travel for many truck drivers, local residents, and families on vacation.

A Reader’s Guide To Kent Traffic Court

Kent Traffic Court Location

The court is located at 25 Sybils Crossing in Kent Lakes New York. It can be reached via telephone at 845-225-1606.

Getting to the Court

The court is not conveniently located to public transportation. It is our recommendation that litigants drive to the court. The court has ample parking and is located adjacent to the Town’s Police Department and Library. The court is housed in the same building as the municipal government.

For some GPS devices, the coordinates of the court may be hard find. Sybils Crossing is a relatively new street and some GPS devices have yet to add the road to the map.

Court Personnel

Kent Traffic Court is part of the larger Town Court. The Town Court employs two judges and support staff. Each judge has a court clerk whose responsibilities includes but is not limited sending out correspondence, collecting fine money, and helping judges in their day-to-day duty. The judges are part time employees. They take turns presiding over judicial sessions.

The Town Court not only hears traffic matters but also hears civil cases commonly referred to as small claims cases and criminal cases that are usually misdemeanors.

Traffic Court

Traffic Court is primarily held in the evening at 5:00 pm. There are two prosecutors. One prosecutor is in charge of prosecuting tickets issued by the State Police and the other is in charge of prosecuting local tickets. There are some police agencies that will appear in court and prosecute their own cases.

Traffic Court can be held in a hybrid session. In other words, some civil and criminal cases may be interspersed with the traffic cases.

Pre-Trial Conference

According to recent amendments in the Vehicle Traffic Law, a driver’s must be afford a pre-trial conference. In other words, the first court appearance will not involve testimony. If the driver and the prosecutor cannot reach an amicable resolution, the case can be adjourned for trial.

Role of the Judge

While the prosecutor can make a plea reduction offer, the judge has ultimate control whether or not to accept the proposed disposition. Furthermore, the judge has the discretion to sentence a driver within the confines of the law. In other words, the judge can set the fine and institute other conditions such as community service or jail.

Help in Court

If you have been issued a ticket, hiring our Kent Lakes traffic ticket lawyers can yield many benefits. We have over 30 years of legal experience and have consistently helped our clients save time, money, and points on their license. Furthermore, we have been able to appear in court with a properly executed authorization out our clients present. This means we can appear in court while you stay home. This has been a big benefit to many of our clients from out of state or driving through Putnam County. If you have a speeding ticket, give our lawyers a call today to learn how we can help. We can be reached at 914-723-7900.

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