Basic History of Medicaid and Medicare

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In 1964, Congress enacted legislation that began the Medicaid and Medicare programs. It was introduced through the Social Security Act under Title XIX. Medicare and Medicaid are government funded programs which help subsidize health care costs for individuals and families who are unable to pay for such care. Originally, Medicare was designed to provide health insurance to our nation’s aging population and Medicaid was designed provide health insurance for low-income families. Medicaid can cover such medical costs as hospital care, nursing home care, residential adult family care services, and diagnostic laboratory testing. The Medicare and Medicaid programs have transformed into a state run program that is monitored by the Federal government through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also known at CMS.

Generally, these programs have come under scrutiny lately for their financial cost to the government. Accordingly, it is important that citizens blow the whistle on any instances of fraud. If you believe that you have information about someone defrauding the Medicaid or Medicare programs, call now to speak with one of our Medicaid Fraud Attorneys at (800) 893-9645.