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If you are charged with driving with a suspended license also known as  aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle “AUO” in Buchanan Village Court in Westchester County, you should enter a plea of not guilty, invoke your right to remain silent, and retain our suspended license lawyers by calling 914-723-7900.

Court Description: The Buchanan Village Court is located at 236 Tate Avenue in the heart of the village. It has jurisdiction over misdemeanor matters such as Menacing in the 4th Degree and Criminal Trespass.  It has limited jurisdiction over felony matters. It can also hear a limited amount of civil matters including landlord tenant cases.

“Driving with a suspended license is a crime.  You can get a permanent record which can prevent you from obtaining jobs or admission into a school.”

How can hiring your law firm help me?

The attorneys at Villanueva and Sanchala, PLLC have over 25 years of experience fighting for clients from serious felonies to minor marijuana charges.  We use our experience to give you the best possible defense and help negotiate the best result possible. 

Is this really a crime?

Driving with a suspended license in New York is a crime. The District Attorney’s Office can charge with either a misdemeanor of felony. At the end of the case, the judge has several options available in sentencing you.  Among those options include, sentences to jail or probation.

What are some things I can do to resolve this matter?

The first step in resolving your matter is finding out what is causing your license to be suspended.  You should go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain a copy of your driving record.  Find out what is causing the suspension and start clearing the up.

I didn’t know my license was suspended? How can they convict me?

If you failed to notify the DMV of an address change, and your suspension notice went to the wrong address, you’re failure to notify the DMV will not be a valid defense to the charge.

I’m not working and cannot afford to clear up my suspensions. What should I do?

You need to come into compliance with the law. Ergo, the faster you clear up your suspension, the faster you can resolve your matter. Your failure to clear up your suspensions will adversely affect the resolution of your case.

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