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Fight Your Palisades Parkway Speeding Ticket and Save Money

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Did you receive a speeding ticket on the Palisades Interstates Parkway, PIP? If so, you are not alone. Each year, thousands of drivers are issued an expensive speeding ticket on their way to visit their kids at college, vacation, and business. Many drivers are unaware of the speed limit changes from 65 mph to 55 mph and find themselves facing hundreds of dollars in fines, hundreds more in a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment fee payable to Albany, and even more in insurance increases.

Some of these penalties can be reduced or eliminated by hiring our experienced PIP Ticket Lawyers. We can help.

About Our Firm: Our law firm has been recognized as some of the finest lawyers in New York State and we have been more than 30 years of legal experience. Our traffic ticket defense practice is led by a former prosecutor with the knowledge and skills to fight for you. Give us a call today and ask for your confidential consultation. We can be reached at 800-893-9645.

Busy Courts: the Palisades cuts cross the many counties in New York State. As such, many different courts have jurisdiction over tickets along this busy highway. Some of the more active courts to receive tickets include:

  • Clarkstown Town Court
  • Orangeburg Town Court
  • Ramapo Town Court
  • Stony Point Town Court

About The Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP)

Famous as the PIP, the Palisades Interstate Parkway is a limited access commuter route that runs from the city of New York all the way to New Jersey. This 38.25-mile-long (or 61.56 km) highway with three picturesque overlooks and 13 bridge decks, named after the New Jersey Palisades was first used upon its completion on August 28, 1958. It’s owned by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, who also maintains it sometimes with the assistance of the New Jersey and New York state departments of transportation.

This route is famous as a favorite scenic route for those who love to marvel at the beautiful sights of the Hudson River. In fact, an estimated 60,000 cars use it every day, most of them being tourists. But, just like most parkways in the New York metropolitan area, no commercial traffic is allowed to use the Palisades Interstate Parkway.

It is a major commuter highway for those from Rockland and Orange counties entering New York City as well as those from Bergen County in the neighboring state of New Jersey. The George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey is its southern terminal where it links it with four main highways namely: Route 4, US 46, U.S. Route 1–9 (US 1–9) and Interstate 95 (I-95). At its northern terminal, precisely at the Bear Mountain Bridge is a traffic circle in Fort Montgomery, New York where this highway connects with US 9W and US 202.


The Palisades Interstate Parkway (PIP) was officially opened for public use in 1958, a few years after commencement of its construction in 1947. However, according to reliable sources, the idea of building this commuter route started way earlier, even before the 2nd World War. In 1909, a commission had first suggested the construction, but it was shot down for no apparent reason.

In the early 1920s, PIPC's parks were one of the most flocked weekend fun spots with automobiles and buses filled with eager sightseers arriving regularly. Economies of smaller towns around, most notably Englewood Cliffs and Fort Montgomery started to blossom. Subsequently, the fame of the parks increased, and this forced the authorities to rethink the earlier suggestion to build a route along the top of the Palisades cliffs.

The original idea was to design a highway that would run from the New Jersey Section and gracefully snake its way to Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. who owned vast tracks of the Palisades bequeathed 700 acres needed for Parkway in the 1930s. But at a period when the 2nd Word War was about to start, commencement had to delay for over ten years though it later started in 1947.

Route Description

The Palisades Interstate Parkway starts at the George Washington Bridge and throughout this highway are several scenic lookout points. The entire 11 mile New Jersey portion is known as the Palisades Scenic Byway.

As it enters the state of New York, its entry is at the Rockland County, precisely at the hamlet of Palisades. Exits 5, 6, 15 and 16, as well as several interchanges, including New York State Thruway (I-87 and I-287), are located in this county where the speed limit is 55mph.

Who uses it?

Its surface is asphalted in its pristine condition for over five decades. Ever since it opened for public use, the Palisades Interstate Parkway hadn’t become damaged or dilapidated and was repaired for $11.2 million in 2014.

This route is exclusively used by passenger cars and motorcycles with trucks. No commercial pickup truck, car or trailer as well as any vehicle with business markings or advertising is allowed on it. As for buses with 15 or more passengers, they must be granted a permit before using it.

Sights to see

Given that this highway was initially meant for sightseers flocking the region, its purpose hasn’t changed. Many of its over 60,000 daily users use the route to catch a glimpse of the famous Hudson River, the Palisades and the panoramic skyline of the New York City.

The 42-mile stretch from the George Washington Bridge to Bear Mountain has lots of fascinating sights. It has separated opposing roadways, intensive landscaping, turf shoulders, stone-faced bridges, and large buffers nestled between roadways and right-of-way limits.

Using this route for adventure, some of the features you can expect to see include:

The Rockefeller Lookout – a 400 feet pull-off overlook located right at the Englewood Cliffs. It’s a mile north of the route’s Exit 1, directly opposite Spuyten Duyvil and conveniently accessible from the highway only. It has no restrooms and is always open.

Alpine Lookout – another 430 feet pull-off overlook situated in Alpine. It is around 3 miles north of the highway’s Exit 1, right opposite Yonkers and easily accessible via the northbound road only. As like the other one, Alpine Lookout is ever open for public use.

State Line Lookout – a 520 feet spot at an unnumbered exit in Alpine. There are a refreshment stand, gift shop and restrooms and only open during the day.

New York State Point System:

The number of points a driver is facing will depend on the nature of the charge. Most moving violations will vary from 0 to 11 points. The majority of clients that hire our firm are facing a speeding ticket. This chart will help you quickly ascertain the number of points you are facing.



01 to 10 mph over the limit


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 40


More than 40


Here is a list of some common charges were have helped our client’s fight.

  • Speeding under VTL § 1180 (b)
  • Speeding under VTL § 1180 (d)
  • Cell Phone under VTL § 1225
  • Child Seatbelt under VTL § 1229
  • Failure to Move Over under VTL § 1144-A
  • Failure to Signal under VTL § 1163
  • Following Too Closely under VTL § 1129
  • Operating Without Insurance under VTL § 319
  • Red Light under VTL § 1111
  • Stop Sign Violation under VTL § 1172
  • Suspended License Operation under VTL § 511.1 (Misdemeanor)
  • Unsafe Lane Change under VTL § 1128

What are the benefits of retaining your firm?

Going to court can be a time consuming and stressful proposition for many motorists. Our attorneys have been appearing in traffic courts for years and can assist you in alleviating your stress and help reduce the points levied against your license. By reducing your ticket, we can help save you on rising insurance costs.

We are familiar with the “ins and outs” of the court. Our attorneys have excelled at getting speeding tickets, suspended licenses cases, and other matters either dismissed or reduced. Under most normal circumstances, our client’s never appear in court on traffic infractions. This will saves them valuable time and money. Give us a call today to learn how we can save you money, time, and points on your license at 800-893-9645.

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“I was extremely pleased with the friendly yet professional service that I received in resolving my legal issue.” Karen K.
“Joseph Villanueva and staff made the whole process so easy and gave me the peace of mind that I didn't receive points against my license. Well worth the money!” Linda P.
“Best attorney I’ve worked with. Stayed in contact throughout the whole process. Gave me frequent updates and always replied back to me within an hour. Definitely recommend.” Nikki C.