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Fight Your Taconic State Parkway Speeding Ticket and Save Money

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Did you receive a speeding ticket on the Taconic? If so, you are not alone. Each year, thousands of drivers are issued an expensive speeding ticket on their way to visit their kids at college, vacation, and business. Many drivers are unaware of the speed limit changes from 65 mph to 55 mph and find themselves facing hundreds of dollars in fines, hundreds more in a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment fee payable to Albany, and even more in insurance increases.

Some of these penalties can be reduced or eliminated by hiring our experienced Taconic State Parkway Ticket Lawyers. We can help.

About Our Firm: Our law firm has been recognized as some of the finest lawyers in New York State and we have been more than 30 years of legal experience. Our traffic ticket defense practice is led by a former prosecutor with the knowledge and skills to fight for you. Give us a call today and ask for your confidential consultation. We can be reached at 800-893-9645.

Busy Courts: The Taconic cuts cross the many counties in New York State. As such, many different courts have jurisdiction over tickets along this busy highway. Some of the more active courts to receive tickets include:

  • Chatham Town Court
  • Claverack Town Court
  • East Fishkill Town Cout
  • Fishkill Town Court
  • Gallatin Town Court
  • Ghent Town Court
  • LaGrangeville Town Court
  • Mt. Pleasant Town Court
  • Milan Town Court
  • Pleasant Valley Town Court
  • Putnam Valley Town Court
  • Standfordville Town Court
  • Taghkanic Town Court

About The Taconic State Parkway (TSP)

The Taconic State Parkway (TSP), administratively called New York State Route 987G and informally as Taconic or the TSP, is the single longest highway in the state of New York. Spanning a whopping 104.12-mile (or 167.56 km), it primarily extends northwards along the Taconic Mountains; midway between the Hudson River and the Connecticut-Massachusetts state boundaries. Side-splittingly, the Taconic State Parkway has often been taunted as ardent New York to Albany drivers’ favorite route given the level of engineering it was made from and the sights and sounds along the way.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was very instrumental in the construction of the Taconic State Parkway (TSP) as he knew it would provide quick access to state parks in the area. Work on its building was done and completed in 1963. The windy, hilly portion that grants charming views of the Taconic regions, Hudson Highlands and Catskills was designed by a brilliant landscape architect called Gilmore Clarke.

The Taconic State Parkway offers a perfect escape route into the countryside out of the noisy NYC. It starts just north of New York City before stretching clear through four counties all the way to upstate NY and eventually connecting to I-90. Mainly, it’s divided between Kensico Dam in Westchester County and Columbia County’s Chatham and ends near Albany and has three miles of surface road in its southernmost part.

Today, despite being the longest highway in the state, TSP is exclusive to passenger vehicles with no commercial automobile allowed to ply the route. There are no tolls, and no trucks are permitted, a factor that makes it a lot different from the conventional highways routed into cities and towns located adjacent to them.

History: The need for this highway was born out of the sudden upsurge in the number of vehicles back in the day. Also, people wanted the convenience of visiting public parks situated in populous cities. This forced the Taconic State Park Commission and the Westchester County Parks Commission to rethink of a way of making this possible.

The two agencies embarked on building different parts of the road, a move that was later taken over by the federal government through the state Department of Transportation. Overall, work on the Taconic took almost four months due to the 2nd World War, changes in the technology used in its construction as well as the highway design standards. However, ever since opening it in the 1960s, little renovations have been done on it, mainly in Dutchess and Westchester counties.

Sights and Sceneries: The Taconic highway is home to almost all types of outdoor opportunities and adventures, including Fahnestock, Lake Taghkanic, and Baird state parks. Along the way in Westchester County is the scenic New Croton Reservoir, a beautiful little lake where travelers can fish. Further afield in northern Westchester is the Donald J. Trump State Park, a bare undeveloped park that pays homage to the president.

Further up on the road, the Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park with a massive pool that reportedly holds 3,500 people is worth visiting. Others fascinating sights are the larger-than-life Taconic Sculpture Park, and two rest stops for a chance to stretch and marvel at the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains.

On the northern segment of Taconic, especially in Columbia and Dutchess counties, this road is made to show the beautiful hills and farms. It is a lot like a country road as it is very adjacent to farms and has tree branches overhang on the roadway to create a park-like impression. You will notice this at the northbound AMVETS Memorial Bridge just over the Croton Reservoir.

Also, expertly planned and planted medians and berms extend the woody surrounding, particularly on in Putnam Valley’s Peekskill Hollow descent where the appearance of the local forest is maintained. Engineers also managed to skillfully avoid creating roads on in native stone and instead managed to create grade intersections. Thanks to this remarkable level of engineering, Taconic has severally received praise for maintaining the surrounding landscape.

Over the recent past, most of this road’s original sights have been redesigned, eliminating most of the beautiful features of it. However, the Taconic still earns plaudits from many, including The New York Times, who even described it as "a pleasure to use” while the Lonely Planet termed it a "highway masterpiece."

New York State Point System:

The number of points a driver is facing will depend on the nature of the charge. Most moving violations will vary from 0 to 11 points. The majority of clients that hire our firm are facing a speeding ticket. This chart will help you quickly ascertain the number of points you are facing.



01 to 10 mph over the limit


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 40


More than 40


Here is a list of some common charges were have helped our client’s fight.

  • Speeding under VTL § 1180 (b)
  • Speeding under VTL § 1180 (d)
  • Cell Phone under VTL § 1225
  • Child Seatbelt under VTL § 1229
  • Failure to Move Over under VTL § 1144-A
  • Failure to Signal under VTL § 1163
  • Following Too Closely under VTL § 1129
  • Operating Without Insurance under VTL § 319
  • Red Light under VTL § 1111
  • Stop Sign Violation under VTL § 1172
  • Suspended License Operation under VTL § 511.1 (Misdemeanor)
  • Unsafe Lane Change under VTL § 1128

What are the benefits of retaining your firm?

Going to court can be a time consuming and stressful proposition for many motorists. Our attorneys have been appearing in traffic courts for years and can assist you in alleviating your stress and help reduce the points levied against your license. By reducing your ticket, we can help save you on rising insurance costs.

We are familiar with the “ins and outs” of the court. Our attorneys have excelled at getting speeding tickets, suspended licenses cases, and other matters either dismissed or reduced. Under most normal circumstances, our client’s never appear in court on traffic infractions. This will saves them valuable time and money. Give us a call today to learn how we can save you money, time, and points on your license at 800-893-9645.

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