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Fighting a Ticket Issued in a New York Speed Trap

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Everyone knows that getting a speeding ticket is a terrible experience.  The sight and sounds of flashing sirens is a terrible experience.  

In an article recently published by former police officer, Bob Weir, he ponders the justification of speed traps.  In the end, one could surmise that the blatant use of speed traps is counter productive to the primary mission of the police which should to act as a deterrent against crime.

All too often motorist will be driving on a major highway in what they believe to be a law abiding rate of speed. Suddenly, the speed limit changes by a few miles per hour and a police officer lying in wait swoops down to like a predatory bird to catch their prey and issues a speeding ticket.

This is a scenario familiar to many drivers in New York.  Each county has their well known speed trap.  While these traps are familiar to the local residents, they are not so well known to passersby.  

Many drivers who are issued these speeding tickets can be facing hundreds of dollars in fines to the local municipality as well as an additional fine to the State known as the “driver’s responsibility assessment.”  To boot, these drivers could also facing thousands of dollars in additional penalties in the form an insurance increase and time missed from work.

Clearly, the vast majority of driver’s are law abiding citizens and the consequences of a ticket for a minor speed infraction could far exceed the nature of the offense.  

Regardless of the merits of the summons, there is a legal alternative to just pleading guilty.  You can hire one of our attorneys to help you fight the ticket.  Our firm has excelled at either getting tickets dismissed or reduced.  If you are in need of experienced and highly regarded legal representation, give our speeding ticket defense attorneys a call at 800-893-9645.

About our firm:  our speeding ticket defense practice is lead by a former prosecutor who has successfully defended thousands vehicle traffic law violations and criminal matters.  We are strategically located to defend motorist throughout New York State.  We have represented drivers from Rochester to East Hampton.

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