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New York Speeding Ticket Fine Chart

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It’s been reported that less than 5% of drivers issued a traffic ticket in New York bother to fight it. They simply enter a plea of guilty by mail and wait for a fine to be mailed to them. Since the majority of speeding tickets issued on simplified traffic information do not explicitly state the fine range, the driver is left to wonder what their fine will be and hope for the best.

Much to their chagrin, they are shocked to find how much they need to pay upon receipt of their fine notice from the court.

Here is the initial breakdown for what your fine could be for entering a plea of guilty to a speeding ticket under wither VTL 1180 (b) or VTL 1180 (d). Keep in mind, if you are a repeat offender, your fines will increase further.

SPEEDING: First Conviction (MPH over limit)

Fine Imposed by Court






15 Days
30 Days

You should take notice that in addition to the fine, New York will impose a mandatory surcharge on most dispositions and if you should plead guilty to a charge resulting in 6 more points being held against your license, you will receive another fine from motor vehicles known as a Driver’s Responsibility Assessment.

Let’s talk about the surcharge: New York is entitled to impose a surcharge at the end of most traffic cases.  The surcharge can vary depending on the type of court adjudicating your case. In general, the maximum surcharge is $85.00 on most non-misdemeanor moving violations.

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