Red Light Cameras Create Windfall for Municipalities

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Recently, CNBC published an expose on the rise of unmanned camera tickets in New York.  It described the growing business of safety cameras and how unsuspecting motorist are getting tagged with these tickets on a more frequent basis.

Since the inception of safety cameras in the late eighties, a number of companies have grown to fill the need to cities, towns, and villages looking to install these devices.  For example, American Traffic Solutions has installed more than 3,000 safety cameras.

While arguments have been made that these cameras are installed as a safety measure, it is undeniable that many cash-st rapped municipalities have turned to these cameras for the dual purpose of raising revenue. 

“Unfortunately, we see some jurisdictions turn to automated enforcement with budgets and revenue in mind more than safety,” said AAA State Relations Director Justin McNaull in a statement to “Successful programs must have adequate safeguards for motorists in place to ensure due process and fairness are respected and that safety is improved.”

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