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"No One Better" I contacted Joe Villanueva with a pretty severe traffic issue. To say my driving habits had become atrocious would be to grossly understate the situation. I have been driving for over 35 years with a darned good record. Now I was looking at a third speeding ticket in less than 18 months. Had I pleaded guilty and mailed in my most recent ticket I was staring at a certain suspension of my license. My job requires me to visit clients throughout several states on a weekly basis. If I lose my license I lose my job; plain and simple. I knew I needed an attorney.

I did some research and determined Joe was the guy for me. I liked his straight forward candid approach. He was honest and forthright with me, not sugar coating the potential outcome even with his representation. I was scared but still believed I had hired the right guy.

And I was right. Joe went to work on my behalf and the results were so much better than I had any right to hope for. I didn't even have to go to court. Joe did that for me. In the end I got to keep my license. Of course I had to pay a fine, but even that was negotiated to a level I had no right to expect.

I got a real wake-up call. Now when you see the guy ahead of you driving 45 in a construction zone, please wave as you flash your lights and zoom by. It will be me. I'm not ever taking my driving priveleges for granted again. I can't say enough good things about the work Joe did on my behalf. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of legal representation.

Thank you, Joe. You are the best!

Terry Pyles

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Joe Villanueva successfully fought a traffic citation by being sharp and alert. Besides having a multi-layered strategy to fight the case, he noted errors by the prosecutor during the trial and immediately brought them forward. The judge agreed with him and dismissed the case. It was great having an attorney that was prepared as well as sharp and able to "think on his feet". I would not hesitate recommending Joe and his firm for any matter that may arise.


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Knowledgeable, Fast, and Efficient

I am fortunately to have stumbled on Mr. Villanueva after a brief Google search. He was able to handle my speeding ticket with astonishing speed and also was very understanding . . . I would definitely use him in the future should I require further legal services and would certainly recommend him to others. Mr. Villanueva was knowledgeable, fast, understanding, and efficient.

Thanks again for your help.


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"I would recommend them to anyone"

Joseph Villanueva and his firm were very helpful and provided quick and friendly service. They were informative, reliable and able to get me the fast result I needed. I would recommend them to anyone in the area!

-Allison Walker

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We have used the firm of Joseph P. Villanueva, Attorneys At Law for our client needs, and find their work to be exceptionally professional: the firm is responsive, prepared and achieves excellent results--all of which have been thoroughly discussed and explained. We shall happily continue to utilize this fine firm for both our client and personal VTL needs.

Nancy Ledy-Gurren
Ledy-Gurren Bass & Siff, LLP

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"Excellent Service"

A clean driving record maintained over 35 years and across five countries on three continents remains clean thanks to Joseph Villanueva of Joseph P. Villanueva, Attorneys At Law. Yes, I’ll be paying more attention to the speed limit signs in New York State in the future but I’m also very grateful that with Joe’s help my record remains unblemished. I have no hesitation in recommending Joseph P. Villanueva, Attorneys At Law, and Joe in particular, for the excellent service and a result that couldn’t have been bettered.

Keith, Connecticut

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"Water Into Wine"

In furtherance to our phone contact today during which you informed me of the terrific outcome of the motor vehicle issue you were handling on behalf of my son Claudel, I want to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to you and your colleague for a job well done. Having a 4-pt. violation reduced to a parking ticket is like changing water into wine. Thanks so much.


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"I got the best possible outcome"

I highly recommend using Joseph P. Villanueva, Attorneys At Law if you need any help related to speeding or traffic violations. I received a traffic ticket in New York for for speeding, and because I faced getting a high number of points on my license, I decided to contest the ticket. Because I was from out of state, it was difficult to be present for the court date, etc., so I contacted Joseph Villaneuva, who made the process very easy. Joseph explained how it would all work, and after filling out paperwork and supplying him with some information, he took care of everything. He represented me in court (I did not have to be present) and I got the best possible outcome---not a single point on my license. I am extremely pleased with the job he did and I highly, highly recommend Joseph and his firm to anyone needing help with a traffic/speeding violations.

Diane R.
New Jersey

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Revocation Victory

I was in a very dire situation, facing a revocation of my license for at least six months due to having 3 1180 driving convictions within 18 months. Feeling like I had no where to turn, it was recommended to me that I try Joseph Villanueva to help me over turn my revocation. I had received my notice of revocation on April 1 with a revocation date effective on April 29. I retained Joseph the following week and he work diligently, tirelessly, persistently and quickly on working with the court to come to an agreement that resulted in my revocation of my license being rescinded. This was all done before the revocation date of April 29. Amazing – I’m so relieved and so thankful for all of his help and would recommend the law firm to anyone in a similar situation.

Orange County

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“Professional and Diligent”

After receiving a speeding ticket in the town of South Hampton, I searched the internet and stumbled on Joseph Villanueva’s name. After speaking with Joseph, I decided to move forward and let him handle my case. He was extremely professional and responded to all my inquiries in a timely manner. In addition, he over delivered on the outcome of my case. I would recommend his services to any one who is in need.


Great professionalism, excellent service

My 6 points were reduced to 0 with a plea to VTL 1220 [littering] and a fine of 285.00.



"I was fortunate to have you act as my attorney notwithstanding that I am an attorney"

Dear Joe:

I am writing this letter to you after hearing what a phenomenal job you and your office did for me in the Yorktown Traffic Court today. I was originally charged with a speeding violation. The speed was well beyond 25 over the limit and a certain 6 point violation. I was pleased to hear from you today that this matter was concluded with a guilty plea to a parking violation pursuant to VTL 1201. As if that was not enough you and your office were above to get the Court to agree to a fifty ($50.00) fine.

I am very pleased that I was able to find your name in the attorney listings for your area. I was fortunate to have you act as my attorney notwithstanding that I am an attorney and that I handle these traffic matters downstate. Suffice it to say, I would never hesitate to use you again, or refer my clients to you as well.

Very truly yours,
Jeffrey Falk

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