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Violation of Transportation Law 212 is a Misdemeanor

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We understand that protecting your driver’s license and your truck means everything.  Our attorneys have been representing truck drivers against logbook violations for years.  We are well versed in the law and can help assist you in your time of need.  Give us a call at 800-893-9645.  
Federal and State laws requires every commercial truck driver to record miles traveled and hours of service in a logbook.   In large part, these laws were enacted to protect the public to prevent truck drivers from driving an excessive amount of continuous hours.  In light of public’s safety concerns, the statutes can impose extensive penalties for logbook violations.  

Most logbook violations in New York are written under Transportation Law §212 (a).  A conviction under TL 212 is a misdemeanor.  Misdemeanors are crimes that can carry significant fines, jail sentences, and can result in a permanent criminal record.  

Transporation Law 212:
§ 212. Records.  a.  Every  driver of a motor truck or motor bus shall   keep and carry on the vehicle records showing the day and hour when  and   the  place  where  he  went  and was released from duty, whether in this   state or outside of this state. The  commissioner  shall  prescribe  the   form  of such records and may require such other information to be shown   thereon as he shall deem advisable to insure the proper  enforcement  of   this  article.  Such records shall be exhibited to the commissioner, his   representatives, or to any peace officer, acting pursuant to his special   duties or police officer who shall demand to see the same and  shall  be   held  available for further inspection for a period of sixty days within   the state of New York in an office designated by the owner.  Failure  to   produce  such  records  upon  demand  shall be presumptive evidence of a   violation of this article relating  to  keeping  such  records.  In  any   prosecution  for  the violation of any of the provisions of this article   such records shall be prima facie evidence of the truth of the  contents   thereof.     

b.  The  provisions  of this article with reference to the carrying of   records on the vehicle shall not apply to the operation of a  motor  bus   or  motor  buses operated on fixed schedules, but this shall not relieve   any  corporation,   company,   association,   joint-stock   association,   partnership  or  person engaged in the operation of a motor bus or motor   buses on fixed schedules from the necessity of keeping such records  and   having them available in an office within the state of New York.

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