What is Considered a Medicaid

Call Now 800-893-9645What is considered a MedicaidMedicaid fraud is the process where a “provider” (such as health care provider like a physician or pharmacist) intentionally misrepresents services rendered thereby increasing their financial reimbursement.  Providers include but are not limited to medical doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, clinics, counselors, and personal care companies.

"Medicaid Fraud is an abuse that takes advantage of taxpayers dollars while depleting valuable financial resources."

In recent years, lawyers have uncovered massive amounts of Medicaid fraud and recovered millions of dollars for the taxpayers.  Doctors and business owners who commit Medicaid fraud are stealing money from the public.  They are unfairly draining valuable public resources.  Every time someone commits Medicaid fraud, they are stealing money that could be used for purchasing new school books, fixing our bridges, or caring for our elderly.  In the end, their dishonesty is raising taxes and putting their needs ahead of their patient care and public good.  You can help put an end to this and blow the whistle. 

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