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Methods to Verify Speed in a Traffic Case

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There are a number of ways in which a police officer can verify a motorist’s speed.  Typically, law enforcement will use two methods of verification at any one stop.   The first method will be visual observation.  The second method can include but not be limited pace, radar, laser, or VASCAR.

A visual observation is the method by which an officer will observe a car and use his experience and training to estimate your rate of speed.  Most police officers are trained to estimate a speeding car within 5 mph of the actual speed.

The pacing method is based upon a police officer following a subject’s vehicle and matching the subject’s speed with his own speedometer.

Radar is the method of utilizing radio waves which are reflected off a car to determine speed.  Once the radio waves are bounce back to the police officer, a car’s speed can be determined. 

Laser is probably the most common method of determining speed outside of visual estimation.  Laser utilizes lasers that bounces off a speeding car.  The laser information is sent back to the police officer’s computer and provides a person’s speed.

VASCAR stands for Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder.   This method utilizes simple mathematics to determine speed. An officer will have two stationary points and a certain distance.  He will measure the time it takes for the vehicle to get from point A to point B and equate the speed.

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