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Texting While Driving Ticket: Recent Developments

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Recent News: Governor Cuomo Looks to Close Texting Law Loop Hole

June 2011: According to, Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for a law that makes texting while driving a primary offense. Up to this point, the state senate had a no texting while driving law but it limited police officers to only ticket a driver who was using an electronic device if they had disobeyed any other traffic law. If another traffic law was not disobeyed the driver was let off with a warning.

The law which was in play until now punished drivers by giving them a 2 point penalty on their driver’s license, but with Gov Cuomo’s new law he insists on increasing the penalty to 3 points. This new law is stricter and will help police officers crack down drivers who disobey the law and still use their electronic devices to text, email, play games, etc.

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