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If you have been given a ticket in Rye City or the surrounding areas of Westchester County, give our firm a call. We can help you reduce or eliminate the points against you. Send us an email

About Our Firm: At Joseph P. Villanueva, Attorneys At Law we excel at getting tickets dismissed or reduced. Our team of traffic and criminal defense lawyers is lead by former prosecutor Joseph P. Villanueva. As a former prosecutor, he can help in analyzing critical issues in your case and work to give you the best defense possible. If you have a speeding ticket or traffic ticket anywhere in New York State, give us a call at 800-893-9645.

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Recent News: New York City Judge Questionable Use of Parking Placard

May 2011 – According to the New York Daily News, Supreme Court Judge Emily Jane Goodman may have abused her parking privileges. As a New York Judge, the NYPD has issued her a police placard to be used on official business. Through their investigation, the paper has witnessed her using the placard at her residence. Furthermore, due to the use of her placard, she has not been issued any parking summonses.

If you have been issued a speeding ticket or summons, give us a call at 800-893-9645 and ask for a consultation.

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Our firm an be frequently found representing clients throughout New York State. Some courts that we often represent clients include Greenburgh Traffic Court, South Nyack Traffic Court, Newburgh Traffic Court, Tuckahoe Court, Yonkers Traffic Court, Milan Justice Court, and Stanford Traffic Court.

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“I was extremely pleased with the friendly yet professional service that I received in resolving my legal issue.” Karen K.
“Joseph Villanueva and staff made the whole process so easy and gave me the peace of mind that I didn't receive points against my license. Well worth the money!” Linda P.
“Best attorney I’ve worked with. Stayed in contact throughout the whole process. Gave me frequent updates and always replied back to me within an hour. Definitely recommend.” Nikki C.